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Double L Acres, World Class Halter Horses.

Double L Acres' Broodmares.  

It not only takes a great stallion to produce superior foals, mares make up half the equation!

Double L Acres has a select group of quality AQHA and APHA registered mares. Their pedigrees include some very impressive horses: My Intention, De Renzo, The Home Run Kid, Self Employeed, Touchdown Kid, The Exceptional One, Heza Secret Agent, Heza Stemwinder, Ima Cool Skip, Kid Clu, Obvious Conclusion, Kid Coolsified, Sierra Te breeding and more!

We firmly believe that in order to raise quality, world caliber foals, you must have exceptional mares. There are a wide array of opinions regarding the role the mare plays in the traits of her foals. Regardless of whether you believe the mare contributes 50% or 80%, long-time halter breeders all agree that the contribution of the mare is significant and should not be discounted.

Behind every great horse is a great dam and sire~! Our mares have been carefully chosen based primarily on the following attributes: temperament, intelligence, conformation, bloodline and overall presence. Our mares have proven their worth as exceptional producers and each has unique and valuable attributes to offer to her foal.

We are proud to own special mares of this caliber. We have chosen our mares to compliment our stallions, Iem The One, DC Legacy, Frozen and Telachrome. As we breed these exceptional mares to our exceptional stallions, the results are foals that go on to win World Championship Titles. Please take a look at our Accomplishment and World Show Pages to see the quality of foals we produce at Double L Acres!

Lah De Dah

2013 AQHA Chestnut Mare     15-3H     HYPP N/N

Sire:  Heza Stemwinder
3X AQHA World Champion Stallion and 2X AQHA Congress Champion

Dam: Millenial Princess
Daughter of Touchdown Kid

"Gigi"" comes from the great breeding program of Sandy Ellis of Ellis Quarter Horses!
 I'm so excited to finally own a horse from Sandy~!
Gigi just takes my breath away. Nice, tight back,
an absolutely gorgeous dish head, perfect hocks, and superb muscling for an NN horse.
 Her sire, "Heza Stemwinder," is a 3X AQHA World Champion and 2x AQHA Congress Champion.
Her dam, Millenial Princess is a daughter of the great Touchdown Kid.
Gigi's pedigree is pretty impressive~! Including Touchdown Kid,
Ima Cool Skip, Sierra Te and Kid Clu.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Gigi was also the winner of the 2013 Breeders Halter Jr. Weanling Fillies!

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    Sire: Heza Stemwinder

Millennial Princess

Sire of Dam: Touchdown Kid

 Heza Stemwinder Ima Cool Skip Ima Cool Skip
Fashions By Mister
Rhythmicals Gold Sierras Black Gold
Rhythmical Conclusion
Millenial Princess Touchdown Kid Kid Clu
Lady Review
Chrystal Cool Ima Cool Skip
Tough Tickee

Everybody Lovs Candy

2012 AQHA Sorrel Mare      16H      HYPP N/N

Sire: My Intention
AQHA Million Dollar Sire, Sire of Multiple World and Congress Champions

Dam: Exceptional Candy

"Candy"" comes from the great breeding program of Donna Davis!
Her dam is the great Exceptional Candy (mare previously bred and owned
by Carri Jones and later by Sandy Ellis)
She is sired by My Intention. He is the sire of Multiple Halter Futurity Champions,
 Congress and Multiple World Champions.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

       Sire: My Intention

    Dam: Exceptional Candy

    Grand Dam: Miss Carri Clue

 My Intention  Playgirls Conclusion  Mr Conclusion
 Tardys Playgirl
 RPL My Te Touching  Touchdown Kid
 My Te Telusive
 Exceptional Candy  Exceptionist  Touchdown Kid
 Cool Ms Tardee
 Miss Carri Clue  Clueman
 Prophetic Win

Phancy Phace

2010 AQHA Chestnut Mare     16H      HYPP N/H

Sire: The Exceptional One
Multiple AQHA World Champion Sire

Dam: McSkip Me
AQHA World and Reserve World Champion Producer,
Multiple AQHA World Top Ten Winners

"Phancy" comes from the great breeding program of Donna Davis Quarter Horses.
She has 37 AQHA Halter Points, 14 Grands and 14 Reserve Grand Championships.
 2010 AQHA World Show Top Five
2011 AQHA World Show Top Ten
2012 Qualified for AQHA World Show
She is modern, has a great set of hocks, great backed, long pretty neck and what a back end!

Phancy's sire, The Exceptional One, is a multiple AQHA World Champion Sire!
 Her dam is a huge AQHA mare, the late McSkip Me, owned by Donna Davis Quarter Horses.

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 Sire: The Exceptional One

      Dam: McSkip Me

 The Exceptional Once  Telusive  Kid Clu
 Star Born Blu
 Amazing Page  Mr Conclusion
 Page Boys Pearl
 Exceptional Candy  Cool McSkip  Ima Cool Skip
 Miss McKenzie
 Page Boys Pearl  Mr Impressive
 Tardy On The Spot


2013 AQHA Chestnut Mare     16-1H     HYPP N/H

Sire: HR Secret Star x I Gotta Cool Secret
World and Congress Champion Sire

Dam: Sheza Celebration x Excelabration

"Randee" is a gorgeous, correct mare.  She has her Open and Youth ROM, nearing her Superior~!
She placed Bronze at the Breeders Halter Futurity her weanling year.
The muscle and pretty this mare has is phenomenal~!  Her pedgree is full of the greats,
including her grandsire, I Gotta Cool Secret. 

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

     Sire: HR Secret Star

     Dam: Sheza Celebration

 HR Secret Star  I Gotta Cool Secret  The Top Secret
 Coolest Cowgirl
 MH Ima Honey  All Star Clue
 TQ Honey
 Sheza Celebration  Excelebration  Obvious Conclusion
 Conclusives Lace
 Surely A Win  Conclusive Win
 POco Coeds Te N Te

2012 Sorrel AQHA Mare      16H       HYPP N/N

Sire: DeRenzo
AQHA World Champion

Dam: Im Kitten x Im Kiddin

The first time I set eyes on Shy Shy, I had to have her~!
 Such a massive body on such a sweet mare.
This mare has such a strong back, great hocks, superb heart girth and a gorgeous head~!
She was an AQHA Congress Champion her yearling year~!

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

        Sire: DeRenzo

Dam: Im Kitten

 DeRenzo  Is It True  RaJa Baba
 Roman Rockette
 RH Squeezin N Tesin  Tesigned
 Squeezin N Pleazin
 Im Kitten  Im Kiddin  Kid Clu
 Arts Are Wild  The Genuine Article
 Sonny Cowgirl

2013 Sorrel AQHA Mare      16H       HYPP N/N

Sire: The Home Run Kid
AQHA World Champion

Dam: De Obious Fox
AQHA Superior Mare

"Cora" is the type of mare that when you see her, your jaw drops open~!
Huge, huge, huge mare that is as broad as she is tall.  Sweet as can be, she shines with her
flaxen mane and tail.  Her best asset, her huge rear end~!

Cora won the 2015 AQHA 50th Dixie National 2 year old Halter Class
(Open and Amateur) and multiple Reserve Grand Champions.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

     Sire: The Home Run Kid

Dam: De Obious Fox

 The Home Run Kid  Kids Classic Style  Kid Clu
 Tootsy Rolls Redford
 Woods Ebony Tease  Misters Tradition
 Miss Sierena Te
 De Obious Fox  Sonnys Vista Bar  Sonny Dee Bar
 Milagro Doll
 Obviously Out Foxin  Obvious Conclusion
 Old Lady Fox

Exceptional Detail

2011 Black APHA/AQHA Overo Filly      15-3H       HYPP/NN

Sire: Exceptional Look
 Son of AQHA World Show Champion, Quarter Horse Congress Champion, KidLook
2010 APHA World Show Top 5

Dam: Detail By Rockafella
2008 IBHA World Champion 2 Year Old Mare

"Gerdy" is one of the best babies we have had. What a body she has for an NN filly!
Regular papers in both AQHA and APHA. It has been pure delight watching her grow
 and mature. It is hard to come across fillies of this caliber who are black,
NN and great conformation to boot!

Gerdy holds points in both APHA and AQHA and in AQHA, she earned her
 trophy for Grand Champion Mare!

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

    Sire: Exceptional Look

   Dam: Detail By Rockafella

 Exceptional Look  KidLook  Kid Clu
 Delightful Desires
 CJ Tardees Angel  Azzari
 Can Be Jazzy
 Detail By Rockafellal  RD Rocka Fella  Mr Yella Fella
 Cooking With Oil
  Par Bars Annie  Par Bars Star
 Howards Miss Annie

2008 AQHA Black Mare      HYPP N/N

 Sire: Self Employed
AQHA World Champion Stallion and Congress Grand Champion
World Champion and Congress Champion Sire

Dam: Blue Smokey Illusion

"Smokey" is broodmare extraordinaire~!  I purchased her after seeing her weanling
by Iem The One at the 2018 Breeders Halter Futuity.
This mare will be an asset to our program.

Here is her 2018 filly by Iem The One:

Image may contain: horse, sky and outdoor

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  Sire: Self Employed
    Dam: Blue Smokey

 Self Employed  Sirprizeriffic  Pageriffic
 Splash Of  Elegance
 Pages Honey Bun  Page Impressive
 Town Honey Bun
 Blue Smokey Illusion  Star Seclusion  Mr Conclusion
 Star Securitee
 Blue Lingo  Mr Skip IMpressive
 Redeemers Barbie

2012 AQHA Sorrel Mare      HYPP N/N

 Sire: Dont Forget To Call x Call me Phenomenal

Dam: The Smokin Package

"Dixie" is a great, big body mare who will enhance our breeding program.
She has 96.5 AQHA halter points, earning her Superior and close to her 2nd Superior.
Not too much to fault on this great mare~!

Dixie has her Superior in Open AQHA Halter and 47 Amateur AQHA ~!

Click on pictures to enlarge.

 Don't Forget To Call  Call Me Phenomenal  The Phenomenal
 Zippette MIster
 Pages Honey Bun  Dominate Clu
 Town Honey Bun
 The Smoken Package  The Package  At Long Last
 A Honey Of A Page
 Blue Smokey Illusion  Star Seclusion
 Blue Lingo

Professional Covrgirl

2008 Sorrel Tovero Mare       16H       HYPP N/N

Sire: Mr Professional x RH Mr Imprint
2X APHA World Champion and APHA World Champion Sire

Dam: Brokers Cover Girl x A Shady Broker

 "Rita" holds 6 World Buckles in APHA and PtHA~! She accumulated 249 APHA
Halter Points, she has her Superior in APHA Amateur and Open. Rita has 37
APHA Grand Championships and 24 APHA Reserve Grand Championships!

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

     Sire: Mr Professional

   Dam: Brokers Cover Girl

 Mr Professional  RH Imprint  Socketts Imprint
 Pilot Skipadelight
 So Intimately  The Foxy Duke
 Foxy Me
 Brokers Cover Girl  A Shady Broker  The Money Broker
 A Shady Clue
 Rascals Cover Girl  Rascals Jewel
 Miss Crafty Pine

Miss Cool Tardee

2015 Chestnut AQHA Filly       HYPP N/N

Sire: Kid Coolsified
2003 World Champion 3 yr. old Stallion
2003 Amateur World Champion 2003 Grand Champion
All American Quarter Horse Congress 4 time Congress Champion
AQHA Million Dollar Sire

Dam: Tardee For The Cruise

"Coolie" has a very cute, dishy head with a long elegant neck that ties in to her chest perfectly!
Short tight back and a powerful chest, long perfect croup, big, nice hip and very pretty hocks.

Click to enlarge pictures.

Click to enlarge pictures.

      Sire: Kid Coolsified

 Dam: Tardee For The Cruise

 Kid Coolsified  Kid Clusified  Kid Clu
 Pocket Fulla Pretty
 Coolsie Coosa  Ima Cool Skip
 Splendid Seclusion
 Tardee For The Cruise  Call Me Tardee Cool  Kid Clu
 Tardees Second Lady
 Cool Crusin Crystal  Cool Crusin Skip
 Conclusive Chrystal

2017 AQHA Chestunt Mare      HYPP N/N

 Sire: Hez N Command
2012 AQHA World Champion Stallion
2012 AQHA Congress Reserve Champion Stallion in Open and Amateur
AQHA World Champion Producer

Dam: SSF Thisgirlscool x Kid Coolsified

"Esme" is one filly we are holding for ourselves.  Tall, pretty and sweet~!
Great conformation, tight short back, great hocks, gorgeous dish head.
Looking forward to watching her grow~!

Click to enlarge pictures.

  Sire: WC Hez N Command

    Dam: SSF Thisgirlscool x
              Kid Coolsified

 Hez N Command  A Command Decision  Custom Clu
 Silent Memories
 Touched By Mister  Touchdown Kid
 Misters Vanity
 SSF Thisgirlscool  Kid Coolsified  Kid Clusified
 Collsie Coosa
 Totally Golden Girl  Totally Boy
 Ima Golden Skip


2018 AQHA Sorrel Mare      HYPP N/N

 Sire: Heza Secret Agent
Multiple AQHA World Champion Stallion and Congress Champion
Multiple AQHA World Champion and Congress Champion Sire

Dam: Dark Brown Chocolate x Telusive

"Shivers" named because she was born outside (in California) and was shivering.
Gorgeous filly by the late, great Heza Secret Agent.  I've been looking for a mare like this,
so I am over joyed to have found her~!

  Sire: WC Hez
a Secret Agent
    Dam: Dark Brown Chocolate x Telusive

 Heza Secret Agent  The Top Secret  The Secret
 Sierra Tease
 Just Georgina  Touchdown Kid
 Just One Look Mr
 Dark Brown Chocolate  Telusive  Kid Clu
 Star Born Blu
 Pretty Nifty Mister  Mr Conclusion
 Nifty Cross

2018 AQHA/APHA Overo Sorrel Mare      HYPP N/N

 Sire: DC Legacy
Multiple World Champion Sire

Dam: Phancy Phace x The Exceptional One

"Bonnie" was a "phancy" filly the minute she was born~!  Beautiful head, gorgeous hocks,
long neck and a board back.  Will be excited to watch this girl grow.

DC Legacy
      Dam: Phancy Phace x
       The Exceptional One

 DC Legacy  DC Precision  DC Obviously A Titan
 Cassie Dee Bar
 Sierra Te Feller  Sierra Te
 Mans Maid
 Phancy Phace  The Exceptional One  Telusive
 Amazing Page
 McSkip Me  Cool McSkip
 MBJ Spot Me

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