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We are blessed with three wonderful children!

  Follow this link to see an ad Josh and Amanda were in!

a very STONELICK afternoon


Josh, our oldest son is married to his sweetheart, Amanda.
 His passion is climbing and bouldering. Josh is also very talented when it comes to drawing. 
 This young man has great talent when it comes to graphic arts. 



Our second son Matt is married to his sweetheart, Rachael.
Matt's hobby is playing the guitar.  He plays such skill,

that it mesmerizes you and he writes all his own music!
Matt has a soothing voice and writes music with such flair,
you can't help being impressed!  Visit his web site to hear his music!

Matt, and his wonderful wife, Rachael, have 2 children,
Charlie and Payton.



Our youngest child, Erin is married to her sweetheart, Jake.  Erin is a delight in every way! 
She doesn't have  a specific talent, but has been blessed with many!  She took after me, loving

the horses!  Gerdy, is her show horse and Erin loves to show halter.


Our Little Creatures

Rossi as a puppy

Martini as a puppy



Martini  in her Christmas dress.

Martini and Rossi





Pikachu as a puppy

Zuri as a puppy

Computer Wizard
Slapshot, RIP big guy...

Tila...did someone say smile?


Cosmo, (RIP you sweet angel)
 and Xena


Rika and Zuri




Fun Shots

Josh climbing Aegialis...overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece.

Photos by Dominik Hartmann

Mark and me in Florida. 

Grandpa Mark and his buddy 

At the Cardinal game!
Me, Mark and Erin

My mom!

My dad!


Josh and Amanda

Josh and Amanda

Erin and "Rogue"

Jake and Erin

Mom and Erin

Dad and Erin

Jake and Erin

Jake and Erin

Our grandson

Our granddaughter


Nicole, Ava, Taylor, Kamden

Ava, Kamden and Chris

Mom, Ava, Nicole, Kam

Nick, my nephew!

Niece Brie and Syd



John and Nick

Nicole and Chris
Uncle Jerry, Aunt Dorothy, sister Chris and husband Jon, Mom, nephew Nick, daughter Erin, sweet hubby Mark!

 My Horse Family
"The Village"

 My grandson

Ivy and Me

Gerdy and Erin

Driving my new convertible!

Matt and Rachael 2012

Our family, 2012

Me, Amanda, Mom and Chris

Our family, 2012

Both sides of our family

Three generations of the
Livasy family.

Our children Matt, Erin and
Josh as children!

Three generations of the
our family!

Erin and DC Legcy 

Matt and Rossi

Mark and "Spamalot"

Mel and Jim 

Josh, Nick, Matt, John, Erin

Erin and LB

Erin and LB

Josh climbing in TN

Martini enjoying Matt
playing at the Piasa Winery!

Chris, Mark and Jon
walking back from the boat.

Mark in Tennessee

Erin and Payton

Jack, Mom, Mark,
Erin, Josh in Tennessee.

 Moving manure,
what I do best!

This climbing route is called: "White Mazda Clan" rated V10.

Josh...Fly Boy!

 Mom, Chris, Robyn and me.

Josh and Mom 

Uncle Jerry and Mom

Lolly, my wonderful grandmother at 95 years old!


Jake and Erin

Erin being silly on Tootie!

Erin in the Lambergini. 

Our daughter, Erin

Hey Erin!


(Above 3 pictures) On May 20, 2007, Josh bouldered an unbelievable route at the Obed River in North Eastern Tennessee.  This wall is huge and overhanging.  It is so overhanging that when it 
rains, there is a curtain of water about 50 feet out in the woods, and the climbing stays totally dry.  The routes there are long, this one in particular is a little bit taller than 160 feet.  The crux 
(crux=hardest part of the route) was toward the top section, Here are a few pictures taken of Josh on it.  The route is called:  "Born on the 4th of July."  The first attempt spit him off as you can see, but he was able to do it on the second try that day. 

Mom, Uncle Jerry & Aunt Dorothy 

My new yellow outfit!

Waiting to go into the 2006 World Show

Mark  just loves his
Tonka toys!

A fun night listening to Matt perform.

Matt, graduating college!

My baby, Duke!

My big "Duke" and me

Mom & Jack at the Food & Wine Festival in Aspen, CO.

Josh hanging around Sam's Throne in Mt. Judea in Arkansas.

Josh climbing

Lolly and Slapshot

Prom Night
Jake & Erin


Fran and Lolly

Erin and Nicole

Matt playing at at Cave Fest. 

Lolly's 95th Birthday!

Matt, Dad and Josh

New band forming?