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I wanted to have some place where people could find out what all is going on at Double L Acres.  I get calls from all my friends and they are always asking, "What is going on?" or "What is new?" 

As we've grow, I have met so many wonderful people who have inspired me or helped me on this long journey of life!  These people have etched a special place in my heart and life and I want to share some of these things with you!


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June/July/August, 2015

Summer is upon us and our weather has been beautiful~! The best happening this month was the World Pinto Show in Tulsa, OK~!  Our yearling AQHA Smokey Cream stallion got a RESERVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP~!  Our trainer, Jamie Lanoue, of Texas did an amazing job fitting on him and showing him~!  Frozen is home now being a horse and playing with his best friend, Fearsomely~!
Xena had a litter of 5 Siberian Husky puppies on the 4th~!  All are sold to great homes!  I just love puppies.  Babies are my downfall....their sweet baby breath~!  Tila gave birth to 5 baby girls~!  I'm keeping the small one! I have to find a good name for her!

 I'm waiting on Zuri to come into heat for our first litter of Pomsky puppies~!! She is not working with me on this, LOL!

Here are some pictures I took of Hez Commanding, "Seger."  We've had so much rain that stall pictures is all I can manage.  He is 3 months old and what a powerhouse he is~!  Pictures below were taken in June.  hen he is outside, he looks black, he is so dark.

August: Seger is going to his new home in Monteverde, Costa Rica~!  He will be a show stallion, then a breeding stallion when he is old enough.  Arnoldo will give him a great home~!  He leaves the end of August.  I took some new pictures of him for Arnoldo the first of August.  All I can say is wow!!!  Seger is 5 months old in the pictures below.

May, 2015

So much has happened this month.  I would think breeding would have slowed down, but the girls at Fed Ex and me, have become good friends, LOL!!!  The boys don't seem to mind!  Mark and I picked up Telachrome in Topeka, KS this month.  All I can say is....wow!!!!!!!  He is everything I dreamed he would be.  For only being 10 months old, he is huge~!  As I step back and look at him, I am in awe.  So excited to see how he does in the show pen next year and the breeding shed in 2 years~!  You can see more pictures of him on his page!  TELACHROME  His sire is World Champion Producer, Telasecret and his dam is by AQHA World Champion and World Champion Producer, Mr Elusive.  He should be a big boy, as Telasecret is 16-2H and his dam, Shez An Elusive Kid is 16H.  TC is a bay AQHA/APHA stallion.

Sheza Phancy One, (Luna) left for her new show home.  Her new owners, Carri Wilborn and Christian Hansen have a winner with this girl~!  I'm so excited to see her become a great show mare~!!!!

Our oldest son, Josh and his fiancé, Amanda, came to town for a long weekend visit.  They live in Chattanooga, TN.  Josh's birthday is in May, so we celebrated it while he was in town~!  Below is a picture of them both eating Josh's favorite, cherry pie, vanilla ice cream and beer, LOLLLOOOLLL!!!

Here are some pictures I took of the babies for their registration papers, my how they are growing~!
 DC Alluring Package

Sheza Phancy One

Hez Commanding


April, 2015

I just love April, not only is it my birthday month, but the trees and flowers just seem to come alive~!  The picture of the cherry tree on this page is planted in our side yard.


The babies are growing so much~!  I have 8 of our mares pregnant for next year~!  SSF Thisgirlscool, Sheza Packin, Kissme Im Yella, and Professional Covrgirl are all in foal to Hez N Commnad.  Phancy Phace, Detail By Rockafella, and Exceptional Detail are in foal to DC Legacy. An Alluring Package is in foal to Jamaican Hottie~!   Every year I am so excited for the next foal crop.  It's somewhat like planting bulbs and waiting for the flower to come up in the spring~!

Mark took me out to my favorite place for dinner for my birthday, The Bizou.  We were just sitting at our table talking and I turn my head and there is my mom.  At first, it just didn't register (Mom lives in Florida and I had talked to her earlier in the day and she said she was running to the store). I just wasn't expecting it.  I did another look and it was just awesome~!!  I can't believe she came all the way up to Illinois to surprise me for my birthday.  Yes, birthday wishes do come true~!!

We also celebrated our daughter, Erin's birthday.  Her birthday is a week after mine~!  Since my mom was here, it was perfect timing. Matt had a show that weekend, so he and Charlie came down (Rachael couldn't come :( )  Our dear friends, Eddie and Flo, my dad and his friend, Donna, Erin and Jake, Jim, Melissa and John (Erin's uncle, aunt and cousin), Matt and of course, Charlie, our grandson~!

 Melissa and John

Mark and my mom

My mom, Eddie and Flo(our friends), Donna, my dad and Mark

Matt, Charlie and Jake


Mom, Eddie, Flo, Donna, Dad, and Jim
Birthday Girl, Erin!

March, 2015

"Ruger" is growing like a weed.  He is so people loving~!  Mia is being a good mommy, as she always is.  I like it when the mare is protective, but still lets you in to play with her baby.  I think Mia's thought on this is if we are playing with him, he is leaving her alone, LOL!!

Ruger is the type of boy that will follow you out of his stall and not think twice about leaving his mama~!

"Luna" is just breathtaking~!  I love how modern she looks~!  She is going to be one awesome show mare~!  She will always greet you at the stall door, with a friendly whinny~!

Our final foal was born the end of March, and what a foal he is~!!  Detail By Rockafella, "Pebbles" hit it out of the ballpark again~!  "Seger" is a very handsome AQHA Chestnut colt.  All three of our babies are 5 panel negative, so we are heading in the right direction with our breeding program.

Seger has the most gorgeous head, long neck, short backed, great hocks and as sweet as the day is long.  It has ben so exciting to see these three unfold to such beautiful babies~!

Matt has been playing at Sliders at least once a month.  It is wonderful to see he, Rachel and Charlie that much. 

Here is a You Tube video I took of Matt playing "Rocky Mountain High."  Notice all his pedals he uses.  He has an array of loop pedals that allow him to manipulate different chord variations in one song: verse, chorus, bridge, etc.  He uses a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar, guitar synthesizer, beat-box and miscellaneous auxiliary percussion instruments.  The audience keeps entertained and interactive with how a song is created, layer by layer.  Once the build-up process is complete, the audience enjoys the result of the

final product.  All of Matt's sounds are organic and nothing is re-recorded.  He is a joy to listen to~!!!

February, 2015

An Alluring Package, "Mia," gave birth to a gorgeous AQHA/APHA Bay Colt~!  My daughter, Erin, named him Ruger.  He is just gorgeous~!  Looking forward to watching him unfold~!  His sire is DC Legacy, and I am so thrilled with the quality and consistency of DC foals.  This is my favorite time of the year, the starting of foaling season~!

Breeding season has started in full swing!  Three stallions are keeping me hoping, but they are all such good boys~!  I am in heaven with my insulated barn and new T5 lights.  Everything is so bright, I love it~!  Not much is happening in February, except cold weather.....

Our sweet maiden mare, Phancy Phace, gave birth this month to an AQHA/APHA overo filly.  A gorgeous filly with 2 blue eyes.  Phancy is being such a good mom, she gave birth with no problem.  Again, DC Legacy is the sire and I can't believe the color this filly has with a quarter horse dam!I will this cross again for 2016~!

January, 2015

I decided that this was the year to insulate the big barn so when I had to go out to birth babies, I wasn't freezing my fanny off!  Graber buildings did such a great job~!!!  Mia will be the first to foal, she is due Feb. 3~!  She is bred to DC Legacy.  Hoping for another bay like she had the year before last.  Dancing In The Night (Ivy) is down in Texas with Lanoue Show Horses.  Jamie Lanoue sent me a picture of her in her stall and I was so excited to see her!  It's hard to believe she in only a coming 2 year old!  I am so excited to see what she will do this year!!

Mark turned the big "Six 0" this year!  We had a party with our family~!  Our sweet Charlie was singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa~!  I still think the ole guy still looks pretty good~!

Have you ever played the Game, "Heads Up?"  It is an app you download on your phone and use with the television.  The person who is it, has to guess what the word is while everyone is acting it out or giving verbal hints.  We had so much fun.  My jaw was so sore from laughing so much!!

I had to collect Jamaican Hottie and DC Legacy, the last Friday of this month.  They are such good boys~!  It is a joy to handle them.  Hez N Command gets his turn the first Monday in February.  The breeding season has started~!! We've had several people come to visit the stallions and I am so pleased with the overall comments they have on all the horses.  It makes you feel good when someone says that your horses look better in person~!  I thought I took pretty good pictures....LOL~!!

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